Excell 11 Plus


Excel 11 Plus is passionate about helping students to get into the grammar school of their dreams. We believe that no student should go into the Eleven Plus unprepared and want to help teachers, tutors and parents to prepare their children and students for the exam. Our intelligently designed platform will ensure that every student knows exactly what to expect from the test and can go into the exam with complete confidence in their abilities.

practise questions are our bread and butter, with our platform offering a myriad of different real Eleven Plus questions, which focus on core skills such as English and Mathematics. We offer exercises from both long and short tests and cover every subject included in the actual Eleven Plus exam. Our platform also contains spelling dictation tests, allowing students to develop their spelling skills, alongside the chance for tutors, teachers or parents to set creative writing tasks.

However, Excel 11 Plus is not just a repository for practise Eleven Plus papers. Our platform also comes with a host of different evaluative features, ensuring that each child that uses it can achieve the results that they richly deserve. The platform instantaneously marks every exercise that a student does on it, providing detailed analysis on the areas that they're struggling and how much time they took on each question – allowing parents, tutors, and teachers to focus lessons on where the student needs to improve. We also provide detailed graphs on how a student has developed over time and allow you to compare their progress with other students in your area.

We passionately believe that every student has a right to be prepared for the Eleven Plus and want to enable everyone who uses our platform to get into the grammar school of their dreams. So, whether you are a parent, teacher, tutor or student, check out Excel 11 Plus today and start your journey to passing the Eleven Plus!

Our online testing system offers the following benefits:

  • The best place for 11 plus preparation online
  • Unlimited practise on 11 Plus GL and CEM Assessment type of questions
  • Guaranteed instant results after the test to review the scores
  • Help in identifying your child’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Helps to develop your child’s motivation and builds confidence
  • Provides analysis based on the time that your child took to answer particular questions.
  • Develops skills in taking the exam, strategies, and techniques, and helps them to answer the questions quicker.
  • Develops core skills in subjects like English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-verbal Reasoning
  • Spelling dictation tests that can be taken on a variety of different devices
  • The chance to set creative writing tasks that can be uploaded onto the platform and then easily evaluated by teachers and tutors.
  • The widest selection of 11 plus practise papers on the web
  • The only place to prepare for the 11 plus grammar school test
  • The greatest 11 plus testing portal in the world