Excell 11 Plus


In a perfect world, all schools would be equal, offering every child an equal opportunity to be the best that they can be. However, we don’t live in a utopia and some schools are good, some schools are great, some schools are average, and some schools are not so good. As parents, we all want the very best for our child, and you only have to open a newspaper to see some of the ludicrous things that parents are willing to do, to get their children into an outstanding school. Some pay outrageous amount of money to send their children to independent schools, while others move to a new house or pretend that they are living somewhere that they’re not.

In a grammar school area, you don’t need to do any of that – you simply need to help your child to pass the Eleven Plus, which virtually guarantees that they will end up in a good or outstanding school. However, that isn’t necessarily as easy as it sounds, due to the lack of preparation that they get during school time and the lack of information there is out there about the exam.

This is where Excel 11 Plus comes in, offering an easy to use platform, where parents can help their children get ready for the most important exam of their life, to date. It contains everything that you could ever need to get ready for the Eleven Plus, including a myriad of practise papers and intelligent evaluative tools that let you know what your child needs to improve on.

Excel 11 Plus is designed by parents, for parents, and will help your child to get into the grammar school that they deserve -

Our online testing system offers the following benefits:

  • There is an extensive list of topics and mock tests on Mathematics, Verbal Reasoning, and Non-verbal Reasoning.
  • There are short and long tests that can be completed online.
  • There is a tab to keep track of the tests that the child has successfully completed, alongside pending or in-progress tests.
  • The results are accessible for every test that your child takes.
  • There is also an assessment tool, which shows the child’s improvement during the entire program and allows you to compare them to the other students in your region.
  • There is a helpful tab with detailed information that teaches your child about the questions that they have got wrong or taken a long time to answer.
  • Your child can retake parts of a test that they found difficult
  • Parents have access to performance analysis charts, which allow them to see where their child needs to improve.
  • An incredible selection of online 11 plus practise papers
  • The best place to find grammar school past papers
  • An excellent source of information about the common entrance exam
  • The best 11 plus testing portal on the web