Excell 11 Plus


We understand just how hard teachers, tutors, and schools have to work. The education system puts them under massive pressure and forces them to spread their attention across a host of different areas. This is compounded in grammar school regions, where schools have to juggle the need to prepare students for their SATS with preparation for the Eleven Plus. Staying on top of marking, knowing what each student needs, and finding practise Eleven Plus papers is incredibly difficult.

This is where Excel 11 Plus comes in – offering an easy to use portal, where students can practise for the Eleven Plus. It offers a host of different practise papers, including ones on core subjects such as English and Mathematics. It also has intelligent evaluative tools, which highlight the areas that your students are having difficulty with and allows you to deliver targeted lessons that really boost their scores. Excel 11 Plus also makes your life easier – automatically marking the practise papers, so you can focus on educating, rather than tedious paperwork.

Excel 11 Plus, offers the following benefits for teachers/tutors/schools:

  • The school may register all of their students to the system.
  • Mock tests and short topic tests focused on English, Mathematics, Verbal Reasoning, and Non-verbal Reasoning allow you to ensure that your students are properly prepared.
  • There are online writing tasks to practise essay writing, creative writing, and much, much more.
  • The tutor can keep track of which tests have been successfully completed, are pending, or in-progress.
  • Detailed results are provided for each test a student has attempted.
  • There is a tab to keep track of the students’ performance for each test, against the students from across the region.
  • There is also a tab, which provides detailed information on questions that the student found challenging while taking the test.
  • Students can re-take parts of the test that they found challenging.
  • A performance analysis graph allows you to monitor each student’s development.
  • Spelling dictation tests that can be taken on a variety of different devices
  • The chance to set creative writing tasks that can be uploaded onto the platform and then easily evaluated by teachers and tutors.
  • A great place to find free 11 plus test papers
  • The ultimate place to prepare your students for a selective eligibility test
  • Your ultimate source of 11 plus past papers